Algo Signals – Crypto and Forex

Algo Signals - Crypto and Forex

Algo signals – Crypto and Forex

Algo Signals is a free software which is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. It is specially designed for the forex and crypto-currencies. Due to its powerful features, Algo signals take the trading to the whole new level just by connecting South African investors directly to licensed brokers. Algo signals help the investors to invest not only on the cryptocurrency but also on forex too. It has become a popular software among all the investors as it is very easy, cooperative and user-friendly. Algo Signals provides you will all tools and information necessary for trading experience.

Algo Signals - Crypto and Forex

Algo signals don’t require any kind of downloads or installation and provide marvelously easy to use trading platform to all the users. It has enhanced South African’s investor’s experience by upgrading their account according to the trades with the passage of time. It also includes the Novice account for the South African investors.

The investors can get a better experience of trading which allows them to switch them to real account when they think they are ready and comfortable.

Novice Account

This is the initial level account in Algo signals. It allows investors to deposit the minimum $250 in it and gives them the access to useful packages including multiple brokers and 3 currency pair. Novice account allows you to open three trades at the same time and Leaderboard multiplier x1.

Expert Account

  • After getting enough experience from the demo account South African investors may upgrade their account to the expert level by the initial deposit of $500.
  • It includes an interesting package including 9 currency pair, along with additional setting and Leaderboard multiplier x2.

Master Account

This is the final level in Algo signals software which is dedicated to the users who wants full access to Algo signals. The South African investors who think they have enough experience from the demo, master and novice accounts, they may upgrade to this final level.

  • This account is available for those investors who deposit $500 in two different brokers.
  • The investors at master accounts enjoy a lot of features PLUS Leaderboard multiplier x3.
  • Algo signals give the user of the master account, the access to the most advanced setting as well as the currency pair unlocked.
  • South African investors then get full access to the Algo signals software VIP customer support which is admirable.

Demo Account

This is well-known term as it allows the users to gain some experience on this demo account before they work on the real account.

  • It gives the user to access $1.500 virtual money.
  • Once you get enough experience; you can switch to real account for real money.
  • The demo account is available for 5 days only so make sure that you get most of it


How Does Algo Signals Work?

As mentioned above, it does not require any download and installations so it is not limited to a specific computer. It allows the get access to licensed brokers where they can directly trade through Algo signal software. User trading funds will be passed through their traders. So the payment methods may vary from broker to broker.


  • Once you get into this software, you gain the access to Live Chat.
  • The representative will answer all the questions on live chat.
  • Algo signals give access to 24/5 to all the South African investors.


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