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Studies suggest that sleep loss for just a few hours in a day can significantly damage your health and reduce your productivity. Medically termed as insomnia, lack of sleep can adversely affect your daily life and normal functioning of the vital organs of your body. Here We provides complete information about the Sleeping Pills

On the other hand, sleeping well carries loads of benefits. Your 7-9 hours of downtime every night helps you eliminate stress, repair any damages in your body, regenerate your energy levels, and recover or ward off diseases.

Best Sleeping Pills

But what happens if you can’t easily fall asleep or you wake up in the middle of the night, unable to fall asleep again?

In this article, we will be reviewing the top 10 sleeping Pills that are available over the countertop (OTC).

The Top 10 Over the Counter Sleeping Pills 2019:


MelaLuna is a well-known and respected brand. This top-rated OTC sleep aid contains calming herbal ingredients. Melatonin, which is the principal ingredient in this all-natural sleeping pill, is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body. It is very effective sleeping pills available in the market.

High levels of melatonin alert the body that it’s time to fall asleep. And although melatonin won’t you knock out, it will help your body to settle into a calm state, ready for sleep. This makes MelaLuna an excellent OTC sleeping pill for treating disrupted sleep arising from jet lag, shift work, or other disruptions in sleep patterns.


Other ingredients present in MelaLuna include Valerian, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Magnesium, and hops. These extra ingredients extend the range of sleep deprivation disorders that MelaLuna can treat. The ingredients is effective in treating insomnia and sleeplessness arising out of anxiety.


We tried MelaLuna on a number of subjects who had previously reported that they experience sleep pattern disruptions when they travel. The results were amazing. Out of the one hundred plus subjects who tried Sleep Well, a whopping 87% reported improved sleep cycles and improved mood the next morning.

Lunexia Sleeping Aid:

Lunexia is the second over the counter sleep aid that we found most effective at doing what it promises; helping you get a good night’s worth of sleep.

Past users have reported that they were able to wake up more refreshed and energized with continued use of Lunexia. The foundation of this product lies behind its powerful ingredients. It includes the perfect blend of natural ingredients that synchronize our body’s daily routine so that we are able to develop a healthy sleep pattern naturally. Moreover, it It is one of the best sleeping pills available in the market.

Lunexia has helped tons of people derive healthy and better sleep without the involvement of any side effects. The best part is that Lunexia delivers instant results, and it can be easily bought over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.


Lunexia is an herbal supplement that helps you to sleep all night. The ingredients include:

L-Tryptophan: It is an amino acid that can upgrade the nature of rest. It is changed over into serotonin, which can enhance your general state of mind.

Valerian: This herbal extract with narcotic properties to enable clients to feel loose and less restless.

Goji: This is a berry that is full of antioxidants. Certain antioxidants that can support rest and reduce indications of insomnia.

Chamomile: This herbal plant contain many properties that can improve your sleeping.

Lemon Balm: It belongs to a mint family that reduces your stress level and encourages sleep.

Passion Fruit: This contains different vitamins like Vitamins A and C. Vitamins help you to reduce the stress level.

Gaba: it contains amino acid. Many popular sleeping pills and nervousness drugs increment the levels of GABA in your cerebrum, which makes you feel more relaxed.

5-HTP: This is a common ingredient in many sleeping aids. It helps you to reduce indications of insomnia and anxiety.

Melatonin: It is the main ingredient that uses in all sleeping aids in the world. It is a normally happening hormone that is created without light. The hormone flags your body that it’s a great opportunity to rest.


Despite the fact that a few people believe that Lunexia’s cost is on the higher side, the advantages that are related to this tranquilizer make it a commendable purchase. On the off chance that the producer’s cases about this tranquilizer are anything to pass by, it’s solitary ideal to state that a sleeping disorder will be a relic of days gone by for you once you begin utilizing it.


Unisom is a product of Chattem, Inc. and is used widely as an over-the-counter sleep aid.

The sleep aid is designed for short-term use, generally two weeks or less.

This particular sleep aid comes in several different preparations. These preparations are traditional tablets, liquid gels, and melts. (Namely, Unisom Sleep Tabs®, Unisom Sleep Gels®, and Unisom Sleep Melt ™.)

There is some discussion as to which is the best preparation. Melts, for instance, can be taken moments before going to sleep and have the same effect of the liquid and tablet preparations. Some people believe that liquid caplets provide a faster distribution because the body does not have to break down the chemicals as much.

MidNite Sleeping Aid:

One of the most popular sleeping aids is the Midnite brand, which is sold online.

To promote sleep amongst its user, Midnite contains European melatonin along with a proprietary blend of herbs like lavender, chamomile and lemon balm as well as bromelain.  (All of these ingredients have been proven to be effective as sleep aids in many forms.)

Midnite Benefits and Banes

Midnite is one of the most popular sleep aids for many reasons.

  • First, since it is on-sedating, you can take it in the middle of the night for up to 3 hours before you wish to wake up in the morning.
  • Second, it will not cause morning aftereffects such as lack of concentration and coordination simply because there are no drug ingredients that lead to these kinds of side effects.
  • Third, Midnite is free of gluten and lactose. It must be noted that many sleep aids contain these ingredients, which lead to allergic reactions in sensitive people.
  • Fourth, you can take Midnite even without water and, hence, doing away with the need to get up and go to the kitchen. Just place it on your bedside table and swallow the tablet and go back to sleep!
  • Fifth, you can take Midnite even when you have glaucoma, bronchitis and prostate problems, thanks to the absence of drugs in the sleeping aid that can interact with the ingredients in the prescription medications for these illnesses.
  • Sixth, it is very affordable. When coupled with all these benefits, you will want to rush to the nearest computer to order a bottle of Midnite sleeping aids.

Alteril Sleeping Aid:

Alteril is one of the best over the counter sleep aids available in the market today. When taken in the right doses, right frequency, and the right precautions, it is a very effective tablet to help you achieve restful sleep a few minutes after taking the tablet.

This is made possible because of the right mix of ingredients present in Alteril. Amongst all these ingredients, the most notable are L-tryptophan and melatonin, both of which have been proven in scientific studies to promote sleep mainly through acting as relaxants.


Sominex is a product of GlaxoSmithKline and is made available in the United State as an over-the-counter medicine for treating insomnia.

It is available in two specific formulas, namely, original and maximum strength formulas and these two formulas have diphenhydramine as the active component.

The fundamental tidbits associated with Sominex are mention below:

  • The chief chemical ingredient of Sominex diphenhydramine HCl makes you feel drowsy and thus assists you in falling asleep without any difficulty.
  • Sominex is proven to be effective for providing complete sleep for six to eight hours.
  • Generally, a patient suffering from insomnia is instructed to take 1 caplet (50mg. of diphenhydramine HCl per caplet) or 2 tablets (25mg. of diphenhydramine HCl per tablet) half or one hour before sleeping. But to obtain effective results from Sominex and prevent unwanted side-effects of the medicine, it is to be administered as per the instructions of the doctor


Nytol® is an over-the-counter medicine manufactured by the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. This medicine is available in regular strength/extra strength dosages and can purchased in tablet/caplet form.

Some of the important tidbits related to Nytol are described below:

  • Nytol contains Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride as the active component. Soon after the administration of the medicine, Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride springs into action and makes you fall asleep within just 20-30 minutes. To obtain effective results from Nytol, this medicine is to using in accordance with the instructions of the doctor only.
  • Nytol tablets/caplets are to taking along with water 30 minutes before getting off to sleep.
  • Nytol is meant to be stored at room temperature, away from the reach of children

Tylenol PM:

Tylenol Pm is an over-the-counter sleeping pill containing Diphenhydramine HCl and Acetaminophen as active ingredients.

Diphenhydramine hydrochloride is an anti-histamine, hypnotic as well as a sedative that yields effective results to relieve people from the grip of insomnia.

However, Acetaminophen, another active ingredient of Tylenol Pm acts as a pain reliever.

The sleep aid Tylenol Pm functions primarily by inhibiting the functioning process of the neurotransmitter and the inhibition of the neurotransmitter leads to the suppression of the central nervous system and this further makes people fall asleep.


In today’s fast-paced life and abrupt lifestyle changes, people may experience stress.

Many people just underestimate or even ignore stress. But, the more you avoid it, the tougher it may get you and can even lead to various sleeping disorders.

The Melatrol natural sleep aid reinforces your body by regulating its natural sleep cycle. Moreover, this is making with Melatonin and other natural ingredients which promote a night of peaceful and relaxed sleep. But, due to a person’s hectic schedule and daily stress over work, school, and family, one cannot avoid but experience bouts of sleepless nights and it adversely affects the production of melatonin.

The Zenwise Labs Calming Sleep Support:Sleeping Pills

A strong and complex sleep aid that consists of relaxation-inducing and natural ingredients.

Active ingredients:

  • Magnesium 80 mg
  • Melatonin 6 mg
  • Taurine 200 mg
  • L-Theanine 200 mg
  • l-Ornithine 5 mg
  • Chamomile powder 150 mg
  • Valerian powder 150 mg
  • 5-HTP 100 mg
  • GABA 100 mg

The Zenwise Labs Sleep Support has a similar combination of relaxation-inducing ingredients such as Luna. Since this sleep drug has a strong dose of different active ingredients such as melatonin, valerian powder, GABA, magnesium, and chamomile powder, it is recommend to start with half a dose. If the effect is too light, take the full dose next time.

Natrol Melatonin – Drug-freeSleeping Pills

Melatonin supplements help you regulate sleep patterns and deal with circadian rhythm disruptions caused by jet lag or shift work.

Active ingredients:

  • Melatonin 5mg

Natrol is one of USA’s leading manufacturers of vitamins and supplements. In addition, it is considered the number one melatonin brand in the country. This is not an anti-histamine product and doesn’t have the adverse side effects as most sleeping pills. Melatonin supplements help induce sleep and regulate your sleep further, wake cycle without interfering with your ability to function normally the next day.

When it comes to safety, it doesn’t develop tolerance or cause addiction. Although it’s not a strong sleep aid, most people find it effective when they have troubles falling asleep at night.

Sleep Aids Recommended only for Chronic Insomnia:

Sleeping pills are best to be taken only if you suffer from chronic insomnia. However, only 10% of people actually meet the criteria for this sleep disorder. Additionally, it stay asleep during night etc. Your sleeping issues must last at least three months and occur at least three times a week. Moreover, it is very important to know that different medicines are using to treat various types of insomnia. Most people suffer from sleep onset insomnia (inability to fall asleep) or sleep maintenance insomnia (inability to stay asleep).



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