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6 Tips for Adding a Touch of Texas History to Your Commercial Decor

Are you looking to infuse your commercial space with a touch of Texas charm? Whether you’re a proud Texan or simply drawn to the rich history and vibrant culture of the Lone Star State, incorporating elements of Texas history into your decor can add character and create an inviting atmosphere.

This blog post will explore six tips that will help you bring a touch of Texas history into your commercial decor. Keep reading.

Embrace Rustic Materials and Textures

To capture the essence of Texas’s historic charm, consider incorporating rustic materials and textures into your commercial space decor. Opt for reclaimed wood furniture or accent pieces made from aged barnwood for a weathered look reminiscent of old Texas homesteads.

Wrought iron details, such as light fixtures or decorative wall art, can also add a touch of rugged elegance.

Showcase Iconic Symbols

Texas is known for its iconic symbols that hold deep historical significance. Incorporate these symbols into your commercial space decor to evoke a sense of Texan pride and nostalgia.

Hang framed vintage maps featuring the outline of Texas on your walls or display artwork depicting longhorns, bluebonnets, or iconic cowboy hats.

Consider adding the Texas flag on you roof which can be handled by professional commercial roofing minneapolis mn. These visual cues will instantly transport visitors back in time and immerse them in the spirit of Texas.

Display Vintage Photographs

One powerful way to connect with Texas history is by showcasing vintage photographs throughout your commercial space. Seek out images that capture significant moments in Texan history, such as cattle drives, oil discoveries, or scenes from historical landmarks.

Arrange these photographs in well-curated gallery walls or create dedicated display areas that allow visitors to appreciate the stories they tell.

Incorporate Southwestern Colors

Infuse your commercial space with the warm and earthy tones commonly associated with Texas’s Southwestern style. Consider using shades of terracotta, burnt orange, deep blues, and sandy neutrals on walls, furniture upholstery, or accent pieces.

These colors will not only add depth and richness to your decor but also evoke the rugged beauty of the Texan landscape.

Pay Homage to Texan Cuisine

Texas is renowned for its mouth-watering cuisine, so why not incorporate elements of this culinary heritage into your commercial space decor? Hang vintage signs advertising Tex-Mex restaurants or display framed recipes for iconic dishes like chili con carne or pecan pie.

You can even consider installing a wall-mounted spice rack featuring essential Texan spices like chili powder or cumin for an added touch of authenticity.

Create a Gallery of Texan Artwork

Support local artists and showcase Texan talent by creating a gallery of artwork inspired by Texas history and culture.

Seek out paintings, sculptures, or mixed media pieces that depict notable landmarks such as the Alamo, collectible Texas locomotive ornaments tx or capture the spirit of Texas through vibrant landscapes or portraits.

Not only will this elevate your commercial space decor, but it will also contribute to the promotion of local artistry.

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