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Art Museums to Check Out in the South

The south is known for its historical museums, and its identity is deeply rooted in the people that come from it: but many overlook that countless art museums in the south deserve the same reverence! So if you want to get to know southerner art and learn a little more about what helped start this nation, these are the top museums to visit.

Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida.

As the official state museum of Florida, the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota has a lot going for it.  Over 28,000 pieces are in its archives and displays, keeping track of creativity and art that’s formed the identity of the south.  Rotating out which collections are put out is a fantastic way they ensure every piece gets shown eventually.  If you’re able to visit, try to have a walk around this incredible museum.

Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama.

This donation-run museum has over 24,000 artifacts, with many dating back hundreds of years.  This museum is deeply detailed in its information cards and offers tours if anyone wants a personal touch.  The paintings cover a range of topics, from lovers to large floral pieces that would suit Birmingham homes for sale and allow you to walk through the psyche of the artists who painted these pieces.

Dallas Museum of Art in Texas.

At home in the arts district of downtown Dallas, this museum is a feat of modern architecture that looks beautiful inside and out.  The Dallas Museum wants to ensure that art is for all ages and is completely accessible.  Offering overnight lock-in events for children and many exhibits that are only for seasonal events, this museum feels like a building full of life instead of a sterile space where nobody wants to talk or discuss the pieces. Instead, this museum takes the art seriously and wants to keep everyone inspired.

Frist Art Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021, the Frist Art Museum is majorly popular in Nashville, Tennessee.  Exhibits range from historic art hundreds of years old to modern art made by local artists.  There’s nothing quite like getting to walk through these halls and look at all of the beautiful pieces on display.  If you’re from the area, you can even get a season pass so that you can go back multiple times and save money while taking in the views.

New Orleans Museum of Art in Louisiana

NOLA is a city that’s always been known for its taste in art and music.  The New Orleans Museum of Art is no different!  This museum brings light to voices that might not have had a chance to speak out previously.  It works hard to show the different types of art that have been created in the area and the progression of how these pieces were inspired and created.  Although there are thousands upon thousands of articles in their collection, they work hard to ensure that all of them end up in rotation at some point.

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