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How to make a logo for a coffee shop

A logo is a brand identity that helps customers distinguish one seller’s products from those of another. To make it easy for customers, a logo should reflect the essence of the firm it represents and be easy to remember through colors, patterns or lettering.

The logo should fulfill its functions, such as:

  1. Recognizability. The client who saw the logo of the brand should immediately remember the company and conduct an associative line to the assortment of goods or services. Just a logo allows you to know the company’s product among other competitors in the market.
  2. Advertising function. The logo creates a certain image of the company, helps the target audience to easily recognize the product, associate it with a certain quality, as well as the reputation of the company.
  3. Guarantee function, as buying goods with the logo of a popular company the buyer can be assured of quality.
  4. 4.Protective function is that it is the property of the company and protects its products and services. If a company uses someone else’s logo for any commercial purpose, it can be held administratively liable under the law.

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How to create a logo for a coffee shop

To create a cool logo that will reflect your coffee shop, you need to come up with its concept, colors, decide if you would like to see a pattern on it. You also need to carefully analyze competitors’ logos to see what you like better, and to avoid embarrassing situations in the form of similar logos.

Once all of these steps are done, and you have a rough idea of what you would like to see, then you can move on to the creative part, namely making the logo itself.

There are several options on how to make a logo:

Contacting a designer. Explaining all your desires about the logo, the designer will be able to create exactly what you like. You might even be offered several variants of the logo from which you can choose what you like most, and in case of what – will make adjustments.

Online designer – If you want to quickly create a logo for your company, the service Turboologo perfectly copes with this task and creates a unique logo that meets your criteria. It doesn’t require any skills or knowledge. These sites have so many templates and tools to help you create your logo.


The icon is the central part of the logo. The image can be anything, but it should reflect the concept of the company. The most common images chosen for a coffee shop logo are a mug, coffee beans, a cup with a straw. If the coffee shop represents the food, you can add, for example, a picture of pastries. In general, anything that reflects the theme of coffee.

Colors for a symbol of the coffee shop is better to use brown, beige, black and white shades.


It should be noted that a beautiful sign on the logo – this is not the only thing that is important, it is also important inscription and the font in which it is written, so it is advised to pay special attention and take with all the responsibility for this point.

When there is a selection of fonts for the sign, it is worth deciding whether you want the font corresponded to the overall picture of the logo is similar or stand out.

So, for example, if you want the style and the logo as a whole was more whole, the font should be as similar to the sign in style and meaning.

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