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Impact of Sun Damage on Car’s Exterior and Tips to Protect Your Car from It

A sunny day is good for you and your car, but too much sunlight can harm your car. You witness sun damage on the car’s exterior primarily because of the harmful radiations in solar energy. A car’s paint can deteriorate due to prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Sun damage on the car’s exterior occurs due to photo-degradation and oxidation. Photo-degradation breaks down the chemical bonds of the car paint, causing it to bleach and fade. The loss of electrons from the chemicals in the paint happens due to oxidation. This results in blotchy and patchy discoloration of the car’s exterior.

You must protect your car no matter where you live or the weather conditions. You can make car protection hassle-free and purchase the best car covers. Car covers help keep your car immaculate and protect it from rain, sun, and dust. Once you protect your car from these environmental abuses, you can prolong the durability and freshness of your vehicle.

Thus, you must invest in extra car accessories for practical and aesthetic features to protect your car from different challenges. There are several elements in your vehicle that you would like to personalise. Car accessories help you to upgrade your car to improve its ability to protect itself from the harsh radiations of the sun. Car accessories improve the capabilities of your car and the overall driving experience.

Let us understand the types of damage caused to your car by the sun and strategies to mitigate these damages.

Automotive Sun Damage on Car’s Exterior

Sunlight is the prime reason for the various kinds of damage caused to cars. UV light exposure causes oxidation and fading of the paint and peels it off. UV exposure causes persistent automotive damage to your vehicle and adversely affects the car’s exterior.

How Does the Sun Damage The Exterior Paint Of The Car?

Sun damage on the car’s exterior is due to harmful UV radiation. They slowly cause the paint of the car to fade and degrade away. The different molecular bonds of the paint reflect different wavelengths of light from the car’s surface, giving it its characteristic colouration. Therefore, UV rays accelerate the process of oxidation in cars. 

 UV light contacts the car’s surface, increasing the paint molecules’ energy level and reflecting it off as heat. On prolonged exposure, the paint molecules fail to interact with light similarly and become less reflective. This causes less light to transmit, giving the car a dull colouration. So, you must safeguard your car from the sun’s derogatory impacts.

Some of the Premium Preventive Measures Are:-

  • Frequently Wash And Dry Your Car

Several debris and minerals falling on your car interact with the sunlight and damage the paint. You can prevent this damage and wash your car periodically. Having a little consistency and vigilance will help protect your car and increase its longevity.

  • Protect Your Car With Wax

You can prevent sun damage on car’s exterior through the application of protective wax. A car polish protects your vehicle from UV light and dust particles and helps the car’s exterior withstand abrasions. 

The wax-content car polish is hydrophobic, giving your vehicle a sacrificial layer to combat harsh detergents and weather conditions. The wax coating helps to reflect the harmful Ultraviolet rays and gives your car a shiny appearance.

Waxing your car provides a durable coating that protects your paint from UV penetration. The car wax helps the water get beaded, allowing the easy wipe-off of dust from the surface. A wax layer gives a transparent and natural shade to your car paint.

  • Ensure You Install Windshield Protectors

You see sun damage on car’s exterior with maximum impact on the front interiors. The heat from sunlight causes the dashboard to fade and lose its appearance. You can shield your car dashboard and install tinted protectors on your windshield. This will drastically reduce the sunlight penetrating inside your car, making the driving process relatively easy.

  • Remember To Always Park Your Car In The Shade

Though it sounds simple, it can go a long way in protecting your car from the sun’s harmful Uv rays. So, always park your car in the shade, whether you take your car for long drives or a regular trip around the city. This is a secure way of preventing sun damage on car’s exterior.

  • Keep Monitoring The Tire Pressure

The combination of hot pavement and underinflated tires is dangerous and may cause a blowout. Tires lose a pound of pressure a month, especially on hot days. So you must constantly check the tire pressure and keep it at an optimum level.

People have sentiments and stories attached to their cars and don’t want to see them get damaged. Excellent exterior car protection products from Carorbis help you prevent sun damage on car’s exterior. Always opt for short-term preventive measures, such as washing your car and keeping it covered to avoid sunlight damage on your vehicle.

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