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Newly designed Amazon FBA Wholesale course

Amazon is making its FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) model not a choice for its sellers, but the only option providing all of the services in a professional, organized and well planned way under its own umbrella. People selling on Amazon are just paying for the storage, and shipping services with the best possible quality with increasing standards day by day. Another main reason behind choosing FBA model by over 90% of the sellers is that the whole process is monitored by Amazon FBA team 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Our best Amazon FBA course for beginners is the most effective and tailored way to get started with, either you are a beginner or a seller with worse experience selling on Amazon. Within a number of courses, we offer at Zonebase, this one most appealing course offers you best for a professional start as an either Amazon FBA seller or a virtual assistant willing to work with clients over the world having their own FBA businesses at Amazon.

With Amazon FBA, you can make your product sales within a short period of time and start earning profits on the investment which are made do develop an Amazon business.

This course offers you all the required knowledge regarding what Amazon is going to deal with your business and what you would be doing in case of your FBA business. However, you are going to choose the FBA model for selling on Amazon, it’s better to know how the model processes the orders for the products you sell and other services which Amazon is offering you and this course also provide best knowledge on how Amazon is going to serve you and how are the best ways of performing the tasks.

Storage, sorting, packing and shipping of your inventory– First and most important step is to get the storage of the inventory you would be having. Amazon will be providing you the storage, sorting, packing and shipping service, which will be according to the product you would be selling. This course defines storage types you would be considering for your inventory.

Customer Service Support– Amazon would be also providing the all-time customer support to your customers who would be in need of help in any case. This course actually provides you with the strategies how to provide customer support.

The most appealing part of the course are as below and we are sure you would be having a great experience with us as we are the only ones, who are providing the real FBA hands-on experience. Below are the main features which we would be addressing in this basic course:

  • How to find winning products to sell on Amazon
  • How to source your product at lowest cost possible from Alibab.com
  • How to create an Amazon Product Listing
  • How to build brand on Amazon
  • How to run PPC campaigns

This is the best platform to get started with Amazon FBA model which can guarantee real hands-on experience. Also Zonebase Amazon FBA course ensures you to have a bright career as an Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant.

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