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The Coolest Outfits To Rock This Summer

Is deciding what to wear this summer making you sweat? Do not worry! Drape Fit has selected precisely what you should wear to feel best all summer long. Whether you’re hustling in the market, strolling and hanging out, chilling at your home, and whatnot. Check out our absolute favorites for easy summer dressing.

1. Neutral Palette and Natural Accessories

perfect dressing style

Mother Earth is the best inspiration for a perfect dressing style. Take a hint from neutral palettes such as whites, cargos and tans for a very comfy and chill style. Accessories with natural fibers like a woven tote or canvas sandals to sport a look that literally begs you to visit the beach.

2. Breezy Blouse and Linen Pants

Nothing feels worse than feeling cramped and constricted in the summer heat. So keep your outfit airy and cosy by sporting the breezy blouse and linen trousers. A shirt that doesn’t cling means getting more breathing room, and soft linens are the most comfortable fabric for the summer heat.

3. A Wrap Top and White Denim

chic look as crisp as a tortilla

Looking for something a tad bit more formal? You need not go any further than a wrap top. Pair it with some white denim and open-toed heels so that it gets both comfortable and sports the formal look. This dress will instigate the chic look as crisp as a tortilla.

4. Cotton Button-Up and Denim Shorts

denim shorts

This style is a classic. This preppy and pretty style is a tried and tested variant with denim shorts and a button-up shirt, making it the most suitable for any summer occasion. This breathable and soft outfit is suited for everything in the hot summer months, be it cooking, running errands or chilling by the beach.

5. Flowy Dress and Lace-up Sandals

most effortless outfit

Probably the most effortless outfit amongst these, the flowy dress and lace-up sandals are known for their comfort. This dress with a flowy silhouette is a breathable and breezy one and paired with a pair of sandals sports the pretty and polished summer look. Bonus points for you if you can match the sandals with your dress!

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