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Unique and Unusual Irish Boy and Girl Names

It is always a joy to welcome a child into the world and selecting a baby name is probably one of the first things that is done after having a baby, sometimes a name is selected even before the delivery of the child.

When considering a name for your child, there is a long list of names from which you can pick which will sound nice as a good name is always nice to hear. There are some really cool Irish names for babies which have been chosen by some parents for their babies.

Irish Baby Names are often magical, timeless and like music to the ears. It might not be a bad idea to consider some Irish names for your babies. Several Irish Surnames, First Names and NickNames exist to give a wide range of options. Irish surnames have a certain uniqueness around them. The surnames include O’Sullivan, O’Connor, Walsh and McCarthy.

Common Irish Names are not difficult to come by, in fact a lot of them have been rebranded to suit the modern world. Old and Traditional Irish Names have been made into Modern Irish Boy and Girl Names. These include names like Eamon into Edmond, Faolan into Phelan and Geroid into Garrett, Gerard or Gerald. These are common names which you hear a lot these days which have deep Irish origin and meaning.

Irish Female and Male Names are very unique and have a certain elegance attached to them die to their Gaelic language. You don’t have to be Irish or have an Irish heritage to want one of the many elegant names for your children. Most people just find certain names really unique and desirable, Irish names are certainly high on the the rankings of desirable names.

Irish Boy Names are really nice and should be considered if you recently had or are planning to have male children. You don’t even have to be Irish to love Irish Baby Boy Names, they just seem so charming and have certain aura attached. “Aiden” implies someone born of fire, Carney means a victorious champion and “Donal” is used to mean ruler of the world. You can never run out of Cool Irish Names for Babies.

When it comes to Irish Girl Names, there are a wide range of selections to choose from due to the Gaelic heritage. Irish names also share a similarity with English names so you probably won’t be too surprised to see English people bearing Irish names and vice versa. Pretty and Simple Irish Baby Girl Names include “Moira”, an iconic name and a version of the name Mary, Brigid which is a modern version of the traditional Irish name Bríghid, and also “Brenna” a simple and sweet name that can be translated to mean something or someone of the fairy place.

When you do decide to select a name for the beautiful baby you have be it Popular Irish Boy and Girl Names or Unique and Unusual Irish Boy and Girl Names, it should be something that you can relate to and which people will find elegant not just random names heard in the park or while walking down the street. A name is an identity of a person and since it is picked right from birth, it should be carefully selected.

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